This publication is largely the product of All Angels' 2020-21 arts ministry intern, Seth Trouwborst, a senior at The King’s College, NYC, and a great appreciator of all things beautiful. It was Seth T. who first proposed this as a project last fall and who labored most to bring it to fruition. I am indebted to him for serving our church so well in this extenuating season and hope and pray that you, dear viewer, will also be well-served as you explore these online spaces that Seth T. has so lovingly curated for your benefit.


Seth Little, Director of Music & Arts, All Angels’ Church

We are most grateful to the artists from the community of All Angels’ Church whose works are featured here and to all who submitted works in response to our fall 2020 call for art which made this publication possible.


Special thanks are due to James Gocke + Olivia Bolling for consistent help with design. Thanks to James for the design of the "Mediation" graphic which appears in the footer of each viewing space.


And our warmest thanks to the entire parish of All Angels’ Church to whom this publication is aimed and for whom we hope it will serve as a nourishment for our creative life together before God, through the present pandemic and beyond.


All Angel's Music & Arts Ministry Team


Complete list of works, listed by viewing space:



Ben Stamper, Hand Over Sea, film, excerpt. View complete film at

Manny Cacciatore, Undermine, acrylic on canvas.

Manny Cacciatore, Draw, ink on paper.

Renée Christine Ehle, “Incarnate”, poem.



Ben Stamper, Hand Over Sea, film, excerpt.

Renée Christine Ehle, “Eighth Day”, poem.

Diane Calvert, Flight Into Egypt, traditional pigments on vellum.

Stephen Barnwell, So Close, So Far Away, colored pencil on paper.



Ben Stamper, Hand Over Sea, film, excerpt.

Ben Stamper & Andrea Miller, Notes on Gathering, film. Commissioned by Works & Process at the Guggenheim, 2020.

Andrew Hendrixson, A Certain Kind of Eden, braided rope, acrylic, and man’s suit.

Rebecca Fraser, Night or Light?, watercolor on paper.



Ben Stamper, Hand Over Sea, film, excerpt.

John Schmidt, Old Hands, watercolor on paper.

Lana Norris, untitled series, smartphone photographs. From the artist:

Light comes around the edges of my window blind and creates shadows on the wall. I try to capture them but they are too faint. The light from around the window shows up, though: where I see shading and grey-pink shadows, my phone sees stark contrast and vivid colors. Things don’t always show up the way we expect them to. 

Manny Cacciatore, Susquehanna Three, acrylic, collage on paper.

Abram Morris, 125th Street, oil pastels on paper.

Joshua Clayton, Isophase, networked drawing. For full access to this work, visit



Ben Stamper, Hand Over Sea, film, excerpt.

Manny Cacciatore, Duely, ink on paper.

Paul Johnson, The Invitation, digital audio of musical composition.

Chelsea Horvath, Bleach Stains on My Grandmother’s Dress, watercolor on paper.

Rebecca Fraser, Grace, watercolor, collage, and ink on paper.



Ben Stamper, Hand Over Sea, film, excerpt.

Diane Calvert, Creation, traditional pigments on vellum paper.

Ben Stamper, An Unshakeable Faith: The Story of Kirti, film.

Manny Cacciatore, Coaster, ink on paper.

Seth Trouwborst, untitled, 35mm film.

Rebecca Fraser, Autumn Birth, watercolor on paper.

Andrew Hendrixson, Done and Left Undone, acrylic on paper.



Ben Stamper, Hand Over Sea, film, excerpt.

John Schmidt, Breaking, graphite on paper.

Albert Pedulla, The Water Pitcher, multimedia installation (artist’s description included with images).

Rebecca J. Vander Meulen, untitled, photograph.